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#morenaStyles // home shoot

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t yet noticed, one of my favourite periods in the history of fashion is the 90’s. The decade was a like breeding ground for iconic fashion styles that just continuously seem to resurface as the years go by. You can always find aspects of the era in the most influential runways of the fashion world. Since styling is a career I want to take seriously, I’ve decided to start building a portfolio of various looks and concepts. Composing outfits for different occasions isn’t always an easy task. So I hope to help encourage and stimulate your imagination when creativity levels are running low; and that you’re able to pick out elements of the looks to construct attires that fit your taste in fashion as an individual. Remember: originality is key!

I teamed up with the beautiful Eliza (@elizavida_) and based the theme of the shoot around 90’s movies; an era where blazers and baggy shirts were trendy and where smoking was so cool that cigarettes almost formed part of the outfits.

Though it’s all pretty much vintage fashion, I decided to add a Lil’ twist and incorporate components from today’s trends and tendencies. Also, For those wondering; the setting is Eliza’s room which I’ve always been in love with. I chose it as it enhanced the antique/ 90’s vibes I was going for.

As my first look book I decided to be in control of all roles to captivate a true feel of what photoshoots are like from every creative perspective; so bare with me as I get better at this. I took over the styling, photography, directing, and even Eliza’s hair and make-up. It was a fun experience which I thought I could share with my readers, so I created a quick ‘behind the scenes’ video which you can find on my Instagram @morenathai_. I hope you guys love the pictures *and the model* as much as I do! I’m already planning another shoot (more professional this time) and would appreciate suggestions on other exciting themes.

Thank you for reading,

Morena x

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