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The Rise of “Afroswing” with Mukass and Jayymr


PHOTOGRAPHY: Helena Lachowicz 

STYLING: Morena Styles

ASSISTED BY: Ryan Lovell

@ TakeMorePhotos Studio



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Learn more about the two rising stars from London who bring a promising future to the Afro-wave era.

In the last few years, Afrobeats has infiltrated the nation. Its popularity birthed a new wave known as “afroswing” or “afrofusion”, a growing hybrid genre, special to the UK but set to capture the ears of people worldwide!


Meet Mukass and Jayymr, two incredible artists from west London who really understand the magic of this genre. Although individual artists, Mukass and Jayymr often collaborate and feature on each other’s projects.  Whilst Jayymr inclines more with RnB, Mukass likes to explore the beats of Drill/rap. Thus, though rooted from the melodies of the Afro-wave, their gift of versatility allows them to complement almost any genre.



How would you describe your genre?

Mukass: “I would call my genre of music Afro-Fusion as I enjoy merging the afro sound and rhythm into various other music genres to create unique compositions. This influence has come primarily from home as I was brought up listening to old-school reggae and afrobeats as well as legends such as Michael Jackson which helped me to familiarise with the different urban sounds."


What inspires your music?

Mukass: "Growing up in Hounslow, west London, an area of mixed ethnic minorities, I was also exposed a lot from a young age. This is what led me to my creative outlet, translating my environment, struggles, wins and losses into my sound.”



What sparked your interest in music?

Jayymr: "Despite always having an interest, I grew up in a music-oriented home. My older brother Dekar is a rapper and through him I learnt most of what I know. Coming up around such talented friends and family, I birthed IDOCLARA. A collective for all the creatives & talented individuals like myself and Mukass. Five years later, we’re still here, sharing our journey and empowering each other.  We’re a just a family of friends trying to spread our essence with the world."


What are your plans for 2021?

Jayymr: "2021 is all about revising, loading, and executing.  I plan to create a solid body of work and at least five music videos, all ready for summer and beyond. I’m coming!" 


STYLING: Morena Styles

ASSISTED BY: Whitney Manning

@ TakeMorePhotos Studio

CLOTHING: Russell Athletic

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