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The New Woman 1920

Isn’t it crazy that women were not allowed to vote until 1920? The beautiful, powerful, and magnetic beings we are were once treated as second class citizens until very recently. It’s almost mind-blowing when you fathom the idea. The 1920s was a decade where society became more accepting and embracive of the female essence. After WW1, women started to enter job roles once occupied by men and this new-found independence and flexibility is what birthed The New Woman, a fashion term created to mark the historic period of women breaking conformity. This brewing change in fashion from the Victorian style to the Flapper craze allowed women to become more expressive and confident in the new trends and urban attitudes of the day.

From ‘feminine’ full-length dresses to more practical outfits, the whole era transmitted pure androgynous vibes! The embodiment of ‘masculine’ energy, both in their fashion and conduct, was what inspired the concept for this shoot. As always, I love to mix elements from the old and the new to add a Lil’ twist, but essentially, I aimed to capture the new-found assertiveness and practicality of women in that decade.

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I hope you enjoyed this concept!

Morena x

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